Sunday, 26 February 2017


  So much thought goes into deciding how to put quilt blocks together....
 there are so many possibilities and I want to do all sorts of different things ...
but obviously had to decide on just one as I decided to use all 100 blocks in one quilt.  

I will keep the bonus blocks to use in another idea I have to match the quilt.

Little Alma helped to join all the sashing and blocks to make the top

∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝

∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝ ∝


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Well ..... after a whole year... and waiting for 2 releases each week of the Splendid Sampler blocks, designs created by 80 designers around the world....

It has sadly come to an end on February 14 ....  BUT we do now have 100 plus wonderful sampler blocks and many bonus blocks to show for all the work.

I have recorded every one of them in my Splendid Sampler page here on my blog. Now time to decide how to put them together.

Craft Alive ......

                was on in Toowoomba last weekend...10-12 February 2017

It was good to see so many attending ... and it's always fun to see all the exhibits with plenty of goodies to purchase and learn about

GENESIS CREATIONS    has some exciting products with endless possibilities for creating colour on many materials 

Here is the small sample that I created on cotton and silk fabric with liquid radiance and guidance from Anne Mitchell the owner of Genesis Creations. It has given me inspiration to experiment further with colour, which I love.......😊

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

FEBRUARY is here and Aquamarine is our colour.....
So my friends and I have continued our house theme..this is lots of fun